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Who Are We?

We are runners, jumpers, throwers, and more!

We are the official run club at Indiana University. Some would say we're focused and centered around training hard, racing fast, and winning National Championships. Others would say that we're all about the camaraderie, fun team atmosphere, and just being able to spend time with like-minded people who love running.

Well, guess what, they're both right!

Whether you're someone who wants to continue to compete and have a structured training plan or someone who wants to run leisurely and take part in the social aspects of the club, you've come to the right place.

We are for everyone, and we've got everything - distance runners, sprinters, hurdlers, middle distance runners, jumpers, and throwers. Come one, Come all!


Spring Banquet (May 1st)

Our Spring Banquet this year will be held on May 1st! We will be distributing awards and superlatives! Please see the GroupMe for more information.


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