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The Run Club Routes

Explore all parts of Bloomington with the Run Club's favorite routes! Each route is a loop from 4-8 miles. These routes all start and end at the VTC, the exact location of that can be found in the Practice tab! They are listed in order of distance but be warned... The hills kill!

Campus Loop (4.5)

One of the most popular routes. Run past many campus icons such as the Sample Gates and frat row!

Old People (4.5)

A short but quite hilly route through the retirement home and some neighborhoods outside of town.

Regular /
Reverse Scades (5)

Another one of the most popular routes. Regular scades follow old st road all the way down then goes up the golf course hill. Reverse scades goes up Gourley Pike then goes down the golf course hill

The HOok (6.5)

An extension of the old people route. The route splits at Dunn Rd after navigating through the back neighborhoods, then follows Dunn all the way through Cascades

ACuff (7)

An extension of Reverse Scades. Instead of going down golf course hill, this route follows Kinser all the way to Acuff, then does a loop around Bloomington North High School, and finally comes back out onto Kinser.

Woodscrest (7.5)

The Veteran's favorite. This route travels through the more expensive real estate areas of Bloomington.  Be careful though, this is the easiest route to get lost on!

The LEgendary Griffy 8 (8)

The best route in town by popular vote! A beautiful scenic journey through Griffy lake. Be prepared for some monster hills!

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