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"Leadership is lifting a person's vision to high sights, the raising of a person's performance to a higher standard and the building of a personality beyond its normal limitations." - Peter Drucker

Fall 2022 Executive Board

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Matthew Dillon


Hi, I'm Matt, I'm a junior majoring in finance from Janesville Wisconsin. I've been running since my sophomore year of high school and had some success in those years. I was an all-conference athlete and a part of a 4x800 team that took 7th at the Wisconsin state track meet. I have been a member of the run club since my very first day at IU and I've made so many friends and have had so much fun through running here. This is a great place to meet new people and stay in shape! Feel free to reach out to me through my email link! 


Eli Eckert

FunDraising and Volunteering Chair

Hi friends! My name is Eli Eckert and I'm so excited to serve as your Volunteering & Fundraising Chair for 2022! I'm a senior in the class of 2023, and I'm majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Geography. I began running in high school, and after an injury-ridden start in the sport, it's the thing that I look forward to almost every day! I believe that anyone who enjoys running, no matter their skill level, should be able to experience the thrill and joy that comes from running and be part of the family that we have in Run Club. 


My job this year is to help make Run Club more accessible by making it cheaper through fundraising, and I also want to get Run Club more involved in the Bloomington community through volunteering! If you have any ideas for these or want to work on something together, please feel free to reach out!


Rebecca White

Recruitment& Retention Chair

Hello! My name is Rebecca White and I'll be your Recruitment and Retention Chair this year. I'm a senior studying Human Biology and have been running and pole vaulting since high school. I'm excited to grow the club this year, even though club functions look a bit different in the middle of this COVID era. 

If you're interested in running with us or have ideas for events, please reach out to me!

maddie profile.HEIC

Maddie Mischak

women's Social Chair

Hi! My name is Maddie and I am studying Political Science and Criminal Justice, I have been running since elementary school and am super excited to be a part of this year's exec board! I am hoping to create gatherings that involve both the guy's and girl's teams. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have questions or suggestions, I can't wait for this season!


Teddy Martins

Apparel Chair

My name is Teddy Martins. I am currently a sophomore at Indiana University Bloomington. I am an informatics major and a member of Indiana Run Club. I am in charge of apparel for Run Club and is responsible for the logos and things that goes on the apparel. I am open to questions, comments and concern regarding apparel. 


Woodrow Murray

Distance Coach

Hello, my name is Woodrow and I am the head distance coach for the Run Club this year! I am a sophomore majoring in Music Composition and Mathematics. I have been running cross country and track for 10 years and I hope to continue running for as long as I can! I am excited to have the opportunity to be a coach for the run club this year and I look forward to working with all of our runners and helping them to achieve their goals! To do so, I am committed to providing training plans, workouts, and giving advice to all of our runners. I will always be happy to answer any questions so feel free to reach out!


Sarah Perdekamp

Vice President

Hi Everyone! My name is Sarah Perdekamp, and I am looking forward to serving as your Vice President this semester! I am a senior dual degree student, studying Voice and Political Science. I’ve been running since middle school and have always loved being part of a team and running with others. More recently I started running half and full marathons and now I can’t get enough of them.
I’m excited to welcome new members this semester, and collaborate with the Men and Women’s Social Chairs to plan some fun events for you all. I believe that running is for everyone so if you would like to join run club or just visit one of our practices, please feel free to reach out to me.


Evan Rohan


My name is Evan Rohan and I am the Treasurer of the Run Club. I am studying accounting and Finance and currently training for the 2022 Boston Marathon. I have two dogs named Kevin and Finn and I bake bread. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about personal payments to the club or any general item you think I could help you with. 


Kevin Martinez

Men's social chair

Hello! I am Kevin Martinez and I will be serving as the Men's Social Chair this year. I am a Sophmore majoring in American Studies. I have been running since middle school and being a part of Run Club has become a very welcoming and fun experience for me and I want to continue and improve on that throughout the year with really fun events and make practices more engaging! I hope to see many of you this year!

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Noah Scott

Cross Country Coordinator

Hello all, I am Noah Scott. I am a junior studying Psychology, and I will be the Cross Country Coordinator in 2022. Running is a beautiful sport. We get to enjoy the sublimity of the natural world as we voluntarily accept suffering, turning it into something meaningful through our performances. Most importantly, we share in this pattern together, holding each other accountable and lifting each other up every single day through our communal participation. The beauty of our sport uniquely manifests itself in competition. Everyone who has stood on the line before a race knows the unmistakable mix of dread and exhilaration which accompanies that moment. As Cross Country Coordinator, it is my job to give all of us the opportunity to experience that feeling this fall. I pledge to take care of the technical side of things so that we all can engage in what we love without inhibition. If you ever have questions or concerns about anything, please communicate with me, as your feedback improves the club for everyone. I look forward to our time together this year!


Claire Schultz

Track & Field Coordinator

Hi! I’m Claire Schultz and I am a Senior majoring in Marketing from Greenwood, Indiana. I’ve been running track for 10 years, and I have been a member of run club since my freshman year! I am currently the Track and Field Coordinator, and this is my first year on the executive board. My goals for this track season are to create as many opportunities to compete as possible as well as to build a community of sprinters, jumpers and throwers within run club. If you are not a distance runner and interested in what run club has to offer (which is pretty awesome by the way), feel free to shoot me an email!

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