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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are We?

We are runners, jumpers, throwers, and more! We are the official run club at Indiana University. Some would say we're focused and centered around training hard, racing fast, and winning National Championships. Others would say that we're all about the camaraderie, fun team atmosphere, and just being able to spend time with like-minded people who love running. Well, guess what, they're both right! Whether you're someone who wants to continue to compete and have a structured training plan or someone who wants to run leisurely and take part in the social aspects of the club, you've come to the right place. We are for everyone, and we've got everything - distance runners, sprinters, hurdlers, middle distance runners, jumpers, and throwers. Come one, Come all!

When is practice, and is it mandatory?

We hold practice Monday-Friday during the school year, usually at 5 or 6pm at the Varsity Tennis Courts. More details on our practice schedule can be found on the "Practice" page. Practice is not mandatory! We have lots of people who come every day, but if that's not you then it's no problem at all. Come as often as you'd like.

Do I need to be fast to be on IURC?

Nope! We have runners of all abilities in our club. We typically separate into pace groups at practice to make sure no one is left behind and that there is a place for everyone. Even on workout days, we have people who are just there for an easy run, so there's always someone for you to run with.

Are there fast people though?

Plenty. We've earned our fair share of NIRCA trophies and have a dedicated core of competing athletes. So if you're looking to improve or reach the next level in your training, look no further.

Are there races/competitions?

Yes! We compete in 5-6 NIRCA races during cross country, 2-4 during indoor track, and 2-4 during outdoor track. None of them are mandatory, so you can sign up whenever you feel like competing (or never, if racing isn't for you). NIRCA track meets have field events too. A more detailed schedule of our races is released each season under the Calendar tab.

How does training work?

Typically, we run two workouts per week at our regular practice, with easy run days in between. For a training plan or to find out more information regarding workouts, stop by one of our practices or send an email to one of our student coaches, whose information is found in the Coaching and Training tab

So is there track too, not just cross country?

Of course. We're more known for cross country running, but we also have a strong indoor and outdoor track squad. Our crew includes sprinters, field event athletes, and distance runners, so there is a place for you. We are proud to be able to field an entire team with our variety of athletes. Much like most high school programs, we focus on cross country in the fall and track and field in the spring. You're welcome to join us at any time of the year, depending on what you're interested in!

Do I need to pay dues in order to run with IURC?

We do charge semesterly dues that help cover the costs of apparel, race entry fees, travel, social events, and all the other things that keep the club running smoothly. Our dues are a lot cheaper than most clubs out there, also don't be afraid to visit a few practices to try out the club before you pay your dues. We want to give everyone a chance to see if they like the club before we ask you to pay dues. You can pay dues by pressing the Join button! If you have any questions about dues, you can message our treasurer, whose information can be found on the Executive Board page.

Do you guys do more than just run?

Absolutely! We take pride in the social aspect of our club. We've been known to throw some mean pasta parties, tailgate for football games, have movie nights and game nights, volunteer at local races, and even host some holiday themed gatherings. There will always be a social event to attend with our club, which is just one more reason why IURC is a great place to make friends here at IU.

How can I keep up with what's going on with the club?

The best way to find out what's happening with IURC is to come to practice, where we share announcements and updates every day. Another great way to keep up with the club is our GroupMe, which provides frequent updates on upcoming races, social events, fundraisers, volunteering opportunities, and even local running event opportunities!

Run Club at IU 2022-2023 Group Me Link Click 👇

IURC Announcements Group Me Link Click 👇

Always feel free to reach out to Exec Board Members at practice if you have any questions about events, etc.

Hopefully this page helped you get a feel for what IURC is all about. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us on the "Recruiting" page, or contact any club officer listed on the "Executive Board" page.

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